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Yoga with Meenakshi has been a holistic experience. Her guidance with breath control and the prayer before the practise has helped bring me back to the fundamentals of Yoga to integrate the experience through body, mind and spirit

Lizelle du Preez

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To begin with Meeenakshi has a very calming energy, that helped me to sooth a lot after a hectic day. She does not just make you attain the yoga position but would also take care of very small details about pressure and your capacity. A happy where you would want to go after your work or start your work with that energy

Deeksha Sharma

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It was so wonderful to connect with you Meenakshi and I thank you for your time and energy during the Yoga session. Your classes are very refreshing and enjoyable. I would highly recommend your sessins to anyone who is looking to join Yoga as a beginner or intermediate.

Rachel Sanchis-Rossmanith

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Meenakshi is wonderful Yoga Teacher, Ideal for Yoga beginner, she explain everything step by step. Also she is wonderful soul, good friend and she will help you. In modern style of life Yoga is essential for good quality of life.

Alen Nahtigal

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Yoga with Meenakshi is refreshing and energizing yet calming and it brings me to balance.
Meenakshi is attentive and adapts the pose to work for everybody, so you always practice in a welcoming space

Zulfikar Taleh


I loved to start my mornings with Meenakshi's yoga sessions, that gives me a feeling of deep relaxation for my whole day. The sessions are the perfect combo of yoga and meditation and Meenakshi is absolutely fantastic. Definitely I’m recommending to everybody!

Elisa Ch

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Meenakshi makes yoga easy for everyone. I leave every class feeling healthy, happy and ready to take on any challenge in life.

Edel Lytlle

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If you want to come home with a positive and vitalising energy then the name is Meenakshi Sharma. You can feel the effort she makes in a calm and understanding way to explain you every pose and it‘s effect. 

You have to experience it if you want to have tha same positive feeling 

Anita Ahluwalia


Meenakshi is an excellent instructor , with the knowledge from the within .She has a wonderful way of explaining and guidance that makes it easy to follow even with eyes closed :) .Her technique as an instructor is great ,her way of teaching unique, powerul and balanced with her peaceful voice which makes it a perfect yoga class and puts a smile and happiness in the soul at the end of the class .Thank you Meenakshi for all this time and classes.


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I had a fantastic and enriching experience with Meenakshi. She exudes maturity, balance, calmness and understanding, which greatly enhances the practice. Her clarity in instructions coupled with her own expertise as a skilled yoga practitioner creates an atmosphere conducive to growth and well-being. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a fulfilling yoga journey

Ankita Singh

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