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„yogaś citta-vṛtti nirodhaḥ“
Yoga is the complete stoppage of the fluctuations of our mind

Specialised Guidance

Specialised guidance for working professionals  & house makers to help navigate life's complexities and find deeper meaning.

Beyond Asanas

Practical, effective and transformative techniques to bring physical, mental & spiritual wellbeing.

Yoga is not a sport

Discover the transformative power of yoga-asanas beyond physical, enhancing your well-being and inner balance.

Your Sacred Space

Online classes not only provides the flexibility to practice from anywhere but also gives you the opportunity to create your own sacred space.

7 Days Better Living Yoga- Beginners Part-2

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I recently had the privilege of attending Durga yoga class hosted by Minakshi ji, and I must say, it was a transformative experience. Her gentle guidance and soothing voice created a serene atmosphere that allowed me to fully immerse myself in the practice. Her attention to detail and emphasis on alignment helped me deepen my poses and gain a greater understanding of my body. Her passion for yoga shone through in every movement and breath, inspiring me to connect with my practice on a deeper level. I left the class feeling rejuvenated and centered, eager to continue my yoga journey with Minakshi's guidance. Thank you, Minakshi ji, for a truly enlightening session!

Jayesh Syal

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Welcome to Durga Yoga, my name is Meenakshi. I started my yoga journey a few years ago when meta-physical questions like what is life? why we are here? who are we? and so on took over me and I began my quest for "True Knowledge". I have been fortunate to have been born in a country which is the birthplace of Yoga, India and that made it easy for me to find the right resources & schools for learning.

​Yoga is a journey, a journey to realise your True nature, understand your purpose and to be one with your Supreme Self. The literal translation of 'yoga' which is a Sanskrit term is union. The world of yoga offers all of us a unique chance to connect with ourselves.

And I am here to guide you along this journey. A Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher (200 hours, 500 h ours, Yoga Therapy) having the opportunity to share the lessons and experiences learned with my students is endlessly rewarding.

The classes are carefully structured to keep the essence of authentic yoga. You will have the opportunity to experience yoga beyond those impressive though important Asanas. 

I hope you spend some time scrolling around this page and find something that suits your flexibility and schedule. I look forward to meet you in my next class.​

Wish you a life full of love, peace and true joy :)


Love and light,

Durga Yoga


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