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Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously

Last month when I was chatting with a friend about the insecurities that we carry and the fear of being judged, he promptly mentioned Osho's Courage that seemed to have helped him a lot. By then it has already been a few encounters of Osho's mention in my life, so this time, without wasting a second, I instantly ordered this book and little did I know the magic of his work. It might sound exaggerated but no other book had such instant impact on my life before. I believe every book teaches you something and plays a part, no matter how small, in making you who you are but only a few has such impact that you can clearly see and feel.

Originally published: January 1, 1977

Author: Osho (Rajneesh)

Genre: Self-help book

I’ve never written as many notes as I’ve written while reading this book because it makes so much sense. So many times during the reading, I’ve closed my eyes to contemplate on what he said. It’s so fascinating.

It’s different. It’s not like any another self-help book. It’s a no bullshit facts on your face.

The book delivers what it promises at the beginning itself. It’s doesn’t give you any guide or a key to courage.

Quite the opposite, it tells you to be free from your ego. The ego keeps us imprisoned, we assume ourselves in a stature and are afraid that how the world would see us if these protective shiny walls are destroyed. We don’t want to be in a vulnerable position because we give too much importance to our ego, to our deceptive perception of how the world sees us. If you throw your ego away, opinions of others would stop mattering to you. You will be free. That’s what the books teaches you, to be completely vulnerable, don’t carry on the baggage.

Ego does protect us, from the enemy but it also protects us from friends. The risk is too high if we shed our egos, but isn’t it better than living already dead?

It answers some questions while raising others. There is still a disagreement or most likely a my little sense of understanding on the subject of love and fear. Osho says 'fear disappears when there is love', but isn't the reality that we live quite the opposite? For me, the love and fear run parallel. In moments of love,I found myself most fearful.

I would love to know your opinion or understanding from your own life or after reading this book.

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